W5 Traction Kite+Bag[5M Sq][QKite][4Line]

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Area: 5 m

Width: 410cm

Height: 145cm

Weight: 910 g

Wind speed 1-4.5

Fabric: Parachute Fabric

Accessories: shoulder backpack, manual

    W5 comprehensive upgrade of the original W series, based on the sensitivity of the kite, tension increased and the speed increase, that is suitable for beginners to practice four-line traction kite, 1-2 air control four lines how to take off, landing, steering and safety release, etc. action; also have the professional function of the type of traction kites, 2-4.5 wind exercises vacated, pull a cart and dragged other activities. Head line figures indicate, more accurately distinguish between offline and on the right hand. Mainly as follows:

1, the structure

Duct of the film increases, mentioning lines to Si Beike line 150 pounds and 300 pounds, provide flexibility and reduce weight line.

2, the performance

Easy to manipulate, flight speed, high sensitivity, large pull.

3, for the crowd

Suitable for beginners and intermediate fly.

4, work

Work more scientific attention to detail, beautiful, simple, strong, extend product life, mention the use of chartered-line method to improve the sensitivity kite.

5, the fly line choice

Recommended on-line using 300-500 pounds, 150-300 pounds off the assembly line; hand selection, vertical to control light, and pattern control for vacated. Cross the control slow movements are simple, fit for the car and dragged.