6.25m sq SG Pilot Lifter P-Fabric [2.5m x 2.5m]

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Pilot Parafoils | SkyForm | Lifter | Shannon Parafoils | BullDog Parafoil Sutton Flowforms | Super Sled | Mega Sled

Size: 2.5m X 2.5m (Area: 6.25m Square)

Material: Ripstop Parachute Fabric (Good Material)

Powerful and Good performance
These astonishing power lifting kites are great for displaying flags, banners, line laundry or just making a statement! 
Kite carrier bag can be used as a kite drogue.  

You will be amazed at their presence in the sky, as if nailed to a cloud!

Wind range 5-18mph

Line: Recommended 800 lb. Test Line



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