C3 Trainer Kite+Line+Bar [RTF][3M Sq][QKite]

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C3 Traction Kites RTF = Ready to Fly

Comes with 3 line of 25m 200LB and 3 line handle bar

Origin: Hong Kong QKites


Area: 3 m

  Width: 315cm

  Height: 110cm

  Weight: 530 g

  Wind speed :1-5


Imported Parachute Fabric 


Learn traction kite from the C3 transverse to start for beginners to practice cross the best choice for the control.

C3 is a three-line kite, you need to cross the control of the control exercises for beginners Wang, control of on-line about turning off the assembly line controlled landing, taking off down, release and security forces and other kites. 2 air exercise to take off, landing, steering and safety release; three or more control wind kite on the beach, lawn and snow towing, traction and power of feelings from joy. Mesh inlet connected to the kite into the wind to maintain a long-term status; mentioned line using Si Beike Line 150 pounds and 300 pounds, in line two chartered law, that is beautiful and strong; convenient packaging, more secure control of skeleton structure, it is outdoor sports and exercise of choice; flying line tension recommended 200-300 lbs.

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