Are those under 16 years old still able to scoot?

24 Dec 2018

With the recent implementation on registering of E-Scooters by LTA, what does this mean for our young riders?

The Land Transport Authority(LTA) has clarified to The Straits Time that such young riders will be able to use an e-scooter which has been registered by an older person

"Rather than banning the young from using e-scooters, it is more important to educate them about safe riding habits," an LTA spokesman told Straits Time.

There are no official numbers of young e-scooters riders in Singapore, but Mr Wilson Seng, president of the PMD Retailers Association of Singapore, gave an estimation that about one in every 10 e-scooter buyers is a teenager.

Both users and retailers that ST spoke to welcomed the age limitation imposed for registration

While some feel that young riders should be banned from riding e-scooters, as they are deemed more reckless. Others felt that e-scooters should be available to responsible riders of various age groups.

Mr Dennis Koh, Chairman of Big Wheels Scooters Singapore, the largest Personal Mobility Devices enthusiast group here, believes that safe riding can be learnt from a young age.

Mr Koh also mentioned that under the new age restrictions, young riders will have to get their parents to register the scooters.

Should such riders get into trouble on said "borrowed" e-scooters, the registered owners would have to cooperate to identify errant rider, or be presumed to be the one who committed the offence.

Mr Koh who sits on the Active Mobility Advisory Panel added that the responsibility would be on the parents to ensure their children fully understand the safety aspect of riding.

However, scooter enthusiast Herry Affendy, 45, who works in the transport industry suggest that teenagers to be banned from e-scooters altogether.

As he referred to an accident involving a 15 year-old rider who was badly injured and a bus in Chua Chu Kang on 11th December. Mr Affendy said "I don't think they are mature enough or responsible enough to think of the pros and cons of riding. They are still very playful, and they just want to have fun.

Difference between E-bikes and E-scooter laws

As we progress into adapting new laws, let us refresh and learn the difference between E-bikes and e-scooter laws in Singapore.


We wish all riders, a safe trip!





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