SG Seller Small Plastic Fishing Rod Long Rainbow Tail Kites Playful Kite Kids' Outdoor Cartoon Characters For Children

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Embark on exciting aerial adventures with our collection of Small Fishing Rod Long Tail Kites! Each kite boasts a compact size and a fishing rod length of at least 35cm, making it an ideal companion for outdoor fun and easy transportation. Featuring beloved characters like the Paw Patrol team, two distinct Frozen designs, two charming Pikachu variations, and a delightful Peppa Pig design measuring 25cm in width and 55cm in length, these kites offer a diverse range of favorite characters that ignite imagination and play.

Crafted with durable materials, these kites showcase vibrant, captivating designs that effortlessly take flight with their long tails trailing behind. The colorful tails not only add visual appeal but also provide stability, ensuring a steady flight even in varying wind conditions.

Please note: To add to the surprise and excitement, a random cartoon character design rod will be included with each purchase, adding an element of fun and anticipation to every kite! Ideal for kids and beginners, these portable kites are easy to assemble and offer a thrilling experience at the park, beach, or any open space.

Their compact design makes them convenient to carry while the fishing rod length provides ease of handling during flight. Encourage outdoor play and create lasting memories with these character-themed kites.

Let the Paw Patrol, Frozen, Pikachu, and Peppa Pig kites soar high, captivating young hearts and fostering a love for outdoor adventure and creativity. Experience the joy of kite flying with your favorite characters! Choose from our collection of Small Fishing Rod Long Tail Kites and watch as imagination takes flight, creating delightful moments for children and families alike