HQKite Ground Stake [HQKites]

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The Stake Provides A Solid Tie Out Stake To Use With Any Line Tie Out.

Metal Ground Stake . A 250mm spike, with a bright orange end cap. Used for holding your kite lines during single-handed launches.   Comes complete with a nylon storage holster.  An essential tool for every kite flier.

Instructions for use: Push the peg into the ground. Loop the wrist-straps (or handles) around the peg and then walk the kite out (down-wind) until the lines are are taut. Prop the kite into the wind. Return to the peg and pick up the wrist-straps. When you feel a breeze, pull on the lines to launch the kite

HQ's ground stake will hold chicken loop to enable unassisted kite launching. Orange handle is easy to spot. Handy black sheath is included. -


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