80cm Diamond DIY Tyvek Dupont Kite Kits [Easy2Fly]

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Guaranteed to fly in light breeze!

Tyvek is Light weight and very strong material, it's difficult to tear but can easily be cut with scissors. Liquid water cannot pass through Tyvek, so the material lends itself to a variety of applications

Plain DuPont™ Tyvek® Paper Kite/Kits stimulate and encourage their natural creativity using colour and design.
There is something wonderful about building your own kite decorated with your art work
and watching it fly into the sky powered by wind and imagination. 

Our Kite kits give children the opportunity to enjoy the design and construction process on their own.
Ideal for a group activity at schools, parties, camps, workshops and family gatherings.

This kits come with: 

Fiberglass rod X 2pcs
Dupont paper Fabrics X 1pc
Long Kite Tail X 1pcs
Stickers to tape the rods X 4pcs
30m string with handle X 1pc

Skill Level: Beginner [Easy to fly in light wind]

Size [Width X Height]: 80cm X 70cm with 90cm tail

Frame: Fiberglass

Sail / Fabric: Dupont Paper material

Packaging: Plastic Kite Bag Packaging

Free: 30m string with handle


Easy to fly

Hand on building your own kites

For Drawing and Painting of your own design, use any marker, crayons, coloring material.

Extra information:

  • Lightweight material that makes it great for use in Kite fabric
  • It can even be written on using color markers, crayon, poster color and paint
  • Made of high-density polyethylene plastic fibers
  • Non- toxic material
  • Strong and hard to tear, However, sharp instruments like scissors can cut through the material.
  • Tyvek material, a special durable paper-like materials that does not tear. 
  • It can be handled easily like paper but is as durable and tough kite fabric

Recommended add-ons: 

- 100m line D handle 
- 152m Premier Spool 




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