60cm Unicorn Diamond Kite With Handle 30m Line And 70x14cm Fiberglass Frame Carrier Outdoor Recreation Easy to Fly

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 60cm Unicorn Diamond Kite With 30m Line - Ready for Soaring Adventures!

Elevate your outdoor fun with this enchanting 60cm Unicorn Diamond Kite! Crafted with vibrant colors and adorned with a delightful unicorn design, this kite is a perfect companion for breezy days in the open skies.

Product Features:

Charming Design: Adorned with a captivating unicorn motif, this 60cm diamond kite adds a touch of magic to your flying adventures.

Complete Set: Comes with a 30-meter kite line and handle, providing ample length for soaring high and enjoying extended flights.

Portable Bag: Conveniently packaged in its own 70x14cm bag, this kite is easily transportable, making it ideal for outdoor trips or beach outings.

Quality Construction: Crafted with durable materials, this kite promises stability and resilience against moderate winds, ensuring a delightful flying experience for kite enthusiasts of all ages.


Kite Size: 60cm (width)
Included Line Length: 30 meters
Packaging Bag Size: 70x10cm
Unleash the magic of flight with the 60cm Unicorn Diamond Kite! Whether it's a day at the park or an outing by the beach, let this charming kite bring joy and wonder to your outdoor adventures.

 Please handle with care and avoid flying in strong winds or stormy weather.