2.8m Falcon Quad Vented [Albatross N40大格隼]

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Wingspan: 280cm 

 Height: 82cm 

 Weight: 415g 

 Frame: 8mm carbon rod volume 

 Suitable for wind :3 - 5 

 Skill Level: Strong Wind Edition Vented


High-strength nylon (Taiwan) 


Four-line kite is a kite show, as the two wings of the four lines connected to the handle, skilled operators can handle the same kite as the propeller rotation, but also to make the kite forward, backward, hovering in the air, drift and so on. Four-line kite because it is connected to the two handles on the four two-wire control not operating on the kite to the left left, right action to right, four-line kite operations need to be more precise, a slight turn can make the wrist The flight to make an accurate movement, such as: stop in mid-air, reverse, coaxial switch, and many other stunts. Four-line kites and kite there are different places lane is a four-line kite can stop anytime, anywhere. When you want to double the kite in the trees you can not stop, but with four-line kite kite we can do anything that will land at any place, such as another person's hand, shoulder fine, do not believe you can ask those who played.