2.35m Butterfly Trick Stunt [3Wind]

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Chase short life, 

Achievements of the meteor's brilliance, 

Eager for spring flowers, 

Magnificent achievements of the butterfly. 

Do the hustle and bustle and restlessness, 

Heart Suifeng Wu, 

Sky gray, draw the most brilliant stroke, 

Let the kite and you, 

Emergence into a butterfly, flying yourself! 

   "Butterfly" roll kite series, is a classic representative works of the three wind, early 2009 design, during and after continuous improvement and material updates, has become a mature masterpiece of three wind. Butterfly action light, feel surplus real, complete the action clean, accurate, comprehensive and no shortage of characteristics, the majority of the Friends of the recognition and praise koto

Name: Temptation

Brand: Three wind

Specifications: 245 * 96cm weight 298 grams

To adapt to wind level: 1-5


Icarexpc31 + mylar,

Side tube: 5PT + P200,

Vertical Tube: P200,

Lower Spreader tube: Black Diamond NITRO,

Upper spreader tube: 5mm carbon tube.

Line: 230LB line recommendation. 

APA joint,

FSD duckbill.

Packaging: Deluxe Bag


Carbon fiber roll bars, this bar is characterized by light weight with toughness, the port with built-in reinforcement method, it is necessary to abandon the original wound line but also on the thermal control approach, to the effect that is beautiful and strong , reached the international advanced level. Myra clear lines of imported fabric stretched easily deformed. adjustable professional risers, according to personal flying habits and wind adjustments.

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