2.4m Impartial Quad [STD][Albatross花脸]

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Come with Kites only

Suitable User: Beginner to Intermediate

Brand: Albatross

Width: 240cm

Height: 82cm

Weight: 220g

Frame: Wrapped Carbon 

Sail: N90 Polyester Fabrics

Braided line: Dyneema cored rope

Wind: 1-5 wind level (2-20mph)(3-32kmh)

Extra Accessories: Extra spare parts for quad end cap and Bungees Rubber 

Recommended to purchase Quad line and Quad handle

Are they Replicas, Counterfeit items, and unauthorized copies of revkites?

No. The Patent is over 20 years. Patent protection lasts for a limited amount of time, usually 20 years from the date of the application, and is only effective in the country in which it was filed 
(Source from US Patent & Trademark Office)

Once the patent expires, other companies can produce the kites using the same materials and bring their version to the market, introducing competition and generally lowering the prices for it, or for further improvement by other inventors. (Source from Wiki Patent)

Once a patent expires, the protection ends, and an invention enters the public domain, that is, the owner no longer holds exclusive rights to the invention, which becomes available to commercial exploitation by others.

Example are the invention of cars, light bulbs, ball pens.
There are many models in the markets.

Using SkyShark Rod:


P90 in a sul type revalike (same weight as rev): 2 to 6mph,

P200: 6mph to 10mph.

P400 in vented rev from 10 mph to about 15 to 20mph.


Perfect for first time quad-line flyers. 

This Quad offers full quad-line control and is capable of forward and reverse movement, instantaneous stops, hovers and propeller spins. Removable wind brakes help control speed and provide greater ease of control when learning. 

Detaching the wind brakes allows the Quad to turn and spin extremely fast for a sporty feel that advanced flyers will enjoy.

Get into quad-lines without breaking the bank or your kite
Go forwards, backwards and do pivot turns - it's a blast. 
With its unique double-bow leading edge, the Quad  is so durable that it bounces on impact. 
Wind brakes slow it down for easier learning. 
When you're ready for super-fast propeller spins, just take off the brakes.