1m Rainbow Tail Triangle Kites kuromi Outdoor Fun Entertainment for All Ages

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The 1m Rainbow Tail Triangle Kite featuring the beloved character Kuromi and is an enchanting outdoor accessory that promises an enjoyable and colorful kite-flying experience. This delightful kite boasts the following dimensions:

Height:  around 100cm
Width: around 95cm

Crafted with durable materials, this kite showcases a classic triangle shape adorned with vibrant rainbow tails that dance gracefully in the breeze, enhancing the visual appeal of its flight. The design features delightful illustrations of, Kuromi,, adding a whimsical charm to the kite and making it an appealing choice for fans of these characters.

Its ample size ensures stability and steady flight, while the colorful rainbow tails create a stunning spectacle as the kite soars through the sky. Whether flown at the park, beach, or any open space, this kite guarantees hours of entertainment and enjoyment for both children and adults.

Simple to assemble and launch, this kite offers a winning combination of durability, size, and captivating design. Embrace the spirit of outdoor fun and childhood wonder with the 1m Rainbow Tail Triangle Kite featuring the delightful character, Kuromi