100ft x 90lb x 2 Spectra Speed™ Line Set [USA, Shanti]

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Speed ™ Line 90LB X 100FT Dual Set [USA, Shanti]

Dual sets Warp Speed on Crazy 8 winder X51008D 100'/ 90#

Warp Speed ™ Line…

Speed Line

Speed Line has been used by more World Cup Sport Kite Championship teams than any other kiteline in the world.  Why?  There are many reasons but here are some of the ones most commonly stated…

  • Shanti Speed line has an exceptionally smooth-braided construction.  This makes it very thin, reducing wind drag nearly to zero.
  • Shanti Speed line has a special lubricant that makes it more slippery and makes it last  3 to 5 times longer than other lines.
  • Shanti Speed line has up to 50% less creep (elongation) than other lines.
  • Shanti Speed line has a soft finish so it’s easy to handle and slow to tangle.

Invented in 1985, Shanti Speed line is the world’s original Spectra kiteline.  Though some flyers at the time were using our Kevlar Power ™ lines, most were trying to fly with polyester or even nylon lines, some stretching over 25%!  The inherent lubricity of the Spectra fibers and the low stretch of about 3.5%  opened the door for team flying and the evolution of kites and kiteflying.

Through the years we have continued to test new fibers and while some fibers offer exciting traits, none of them beat the overall performance of the Spectra 1000 fibers we use in our Speed line.  We are also continually researching new ways to construct our line to lessen stretch, add lubricity and increase longevity.  Virtually every kite company in the world has tried to copy this line, but none of them has been able to match the quality of Speed line.  Ask the flyers who use it and they’ll tell you.

As the manufacturer of Speed line, we offer it in bulk, on handles, with straps or in finished, pre-tied sets.  All these products are made by our staff, here in California.