1 for $3, 2 for $5, 5 for $10 Kong Ming / Sky Lantern [孔明灯]

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1 pc for $3, 2 pcs for $5, 5 pcs for $10

Kong Ming Lantern will be advisable for self collection over at office or opt for courier service of $10. 

Color: Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, White etc.. 

Red – Red is the colour of love, prosperity and joy.  It symbolizes action,   confidence, courage, excitement, energy, strength and passion.

Pink – Pink is the colour of love, beauty and friendship.  It symbolizes caring, tenderness and acceptance.   It is also a colour of good health and life.

White – White is the colour of purity, cleanliness and innocence.  It symbolizes wholeness and completion and can represent a successful beginning.

Blue – Blue is the colour of the sky and sea.  It symbolizes youth, peace, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence.  It is often associated with health, healing and stability.

Purple – Purple is the colour of royalty and romance.  It symbolizes power, wealth, wisdom and luxury.  It is often associated with mystery, magic, wealth and extravagance.

•Write and paint loves name, family member's name, love words,
make a wish and your wish will come true 
•Don't forget to make a wish when the lantern take-off 
•Flight height: Up to 1000m
•Duration:10-15 mins 
•Size(approx.): 80cm(H) x 54(W)cm 
•Lamp Color: Assorted 
•100% biodegradable
•Flame Retardant Paper
•Lamp Material: Flame-retardant paper, copper wire and bamboo 
•The Solid Fuel: Wax(included) 
Package Include:
•1×Wishing Light 
•1×Solid Fuels
•Forbid lighting it near gas station and woods 
•Please fly it in wide open place 
•Children should be accompanied by adults 

Fire safety: In the absence of a time when rising fuel power block will automatically extinguished.

Long fuel block fuel, liquid fuel greater than the flame more brightly at night, flying to see more clearly!
Flying is also very bright during the day!
Outdoor flying half a minute can go to heaven reach to 1000m height easily.

The naked eye can see day light time floating up to 25 minutes

Only to be release in a gentle breeze of wind in the open area

Where to Fly Kong Ming Lantern in Singapore?

Ans: Open area Free from HDB, Industrial Area.
One of my customers saw lots of people fly them at West Coast park,
Marina Barrage (only at below carpark open area)

Q & A:

Is kong ming lantern legal in singapore?

Ans: We have checked "http://www.lawonline.com.sg/" that there is no law against it.
Basically you have to find a open space free far away from petroleum or building.

We recommend you to tie a thin thread at the bottom of it so you about to control it lightly.

Singapore Polytechnic have organised a "Escapade" using Kong Ming Lantern do check it out more at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=336347&id=268055780006

1. Where can i release the Sky Lanterns?

Sky Lanterns should be launched in a clear open space free from obstructions, i.e. trees, high-rise buildings, heavy traffic roads, beyond 5km from aircraft landing space or airports.  Keep away from sites with flammable gases and liquids. 

The release of sky lanterns is allowed if it is tethered i.e. tied to a structure/object.  Release of sky lantern stuffed with helium balloons is also allowed.  CAAS, RSAF and SCDF should be consulted.  Write-in enquiry can be made through the CAAS enquiry section.

2. What is the best weather condition for launching Sky Lanterns?

The best condition for launching sky lanterns is when there is light wind or no wind. 
It is not recommended to launch sky lanterns when it is raining or when the wind is strong. 

3. How high can the Sky Lantern fly and for how long?

A sky lantern can fly for approximately 5-10 minutes.  
In best weather condition, the sky lantern can reach up to a height of 1000 meters. 

4. What happens when the sky lantern's fuel source is exhausted?

When the fuel cell is exhausted, the flame is extinguished and the lantern will gently float back to the ground.  The falling lanterns with extinguished fuel cell does not pose any fire risk.

The sky lantern and fuel source should not be modified or altered from its original state. 
Safety guidelines and instructions should be followed at all times.

5. How can i write my wishes onto the sky lantern?

It is recommended to write your wishes onto the sky lantern using markers can also be used to write your wishes onto the sky lantern.

6. What is sky lantern made of?

They are made from biodegradable flame retardant paper and a bamboo frame. 
Once landed on the ground, the sky lantern material will decompose over time.

7. Does the sky lantern colours represent anything?

The sky lantern colours available at Sky Lantern Singapore are generally to allow our customers the freedom to choose their preferred colours.


The sky lantern probably was invented before Late Han Dynasty. 
A prime minister Kung-Ming used sky lantern for military liaison purpose during Three Kingdom epoch (221A.D.). Some people still call the sky lantern as Kong Ming lantern.

During the night of lantern festival, Some people in Taiwan will fly the sky lantern by writing their wishes on the paper lantern and pray their wishes come true. 

Long time ago, people thought the lantern will fly up to the heaven. The god of heaven will receive their messages and will give them blessing.

buy Kong ming lantern 孔明灯 in Singapore, Kong Ming Lantern 孔明灯 Kong Ming / Sky Lantern [孔明灯] kong ming deng 孔明灯, xu yuan deng 许愿灯 wishing lantern