1.8m Bald Eagle Kite With Handle 30m Line And 83x14cm Fiberglass Frame Carrier Outdoor Recreation Easy to Fly

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1.8m Bald Eagle Kite - Majestic Soaring Beauty!

Witness the grace and grandeur of the skies with our 1.8m Bald Eagle Kite! This magnificent kite showcases a stunning bald eagle design, capturing the spirit of freedom as it soars through the clouds.

Product Features:

Majestic Design: Embrace the awe-inspiring presence of a bald eagle in flight with this impressive 1.8-meter kite.

Complete Set: Includes a durable handle and 30-meter kite line, ensuring smooth and controlled flights with ample length for soaring high.

Convenient Carrier: Packaged in a newly designed 83x14cm carrier, this kite is easily transportable, perfect for outdoor excursions.

Premium Quality: Crafted from high-quality materials, this kite promises stability and resilience, delivering an exhilarating flying experience in various wind conditions.


Kite Style: 1.8m Bald Eagle
Kite Size: 1.8 meters (height)
Included Line Length: 30 meters
Packaging Carrier Size: 83x14cm
Unleash the splendor of the 1.8m Bald Eagle Kite and let its majestic presence inspire memorable flights in the great outdoors! Perfect for parks, beaches, or any open area that beckons soaring adventures. 

Note: Kite design and carrier color may vary. Please handle with care and avoid flying in strong winds or stormy weather.