[SALE] Eliot Shook Rainbow Mesh Weave Vented (Rev 1.5)[USA Revkites]

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Eliot Shook

Eliot Shook

At the age of 22, Eliot Shook was thoroughly hooked on kiting. As a senior at Duke University, about to graduate with a degree in engineering, he spent a long night contemplating dropping out to build the perfect box kite. Much to his parents’ relief, he graduated 6 weeks later and went to Detroit to work for Ford Motor Company and marry his high school sweetheart, Cath.

A mere 23 years later, his love for kites overwhelmed his love for rush hour traffic. As his youngest daughter packed up for college, Eliot packed up his wife and kite collection to move to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There, he continued to grow his love for kites and kiting, often times commenting to his family on graphic designs he’d love to see on kites. After a few years of taunting him into trying his hand behind the sewing machine, a designer was reborn out of an engineers body.

These days, you’ll find him either at the beach flying, or behind the sewing machine searching for the perfect design. Not bad for a guy who used to have a pocket protector, right?

The mesh kites were inspired by Cath’s desire for a light pull quad line to fly on the Outer Banks and Willi Koch’s beautiful single line mesh designs. The bargello kites are a salute to renaissance period Italian art.


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