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QKite brand stunt kite Bag

Increase the volume of mobile with the new package, bundle by the buckle attached to what patients, more simple and practical; out using high-density oxford cloth, which use light nylon diamond checkered cloth, waterproof wear, as to open into a rectangular cloth can Block; bottom mesh pocket, the edge of a small square cloth, more conveniently placed line of plates and personal items; open shape, the kite out of that side, nor the number and length restrictions; work fine, looks solid.

 (1.20 meters long, 4 Kite Pocket)

Specification:1.20 meters long, four-plug package

Material: Oxford cloth + leather + mesh material


     This section kite bag, there are four pockets, large pockets, each insert can be put kite; bottom and a mesh material to form four short pockets, you can place the kite handle, wrist strap , to nail kites and other related accessories.

     Kite package for the trade of the original single, meticulous workmanship, material stress, the more solid and durable.


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