Nutty Buddy Hamburger Helper [PremierKites USA][1 pc left]

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Nutty Buddy Inflatable Hanging Decoration - Hamburger Helper Cooking Cow [PremierKites USA]

Size: 19 X 36 in.

Made of SUNTEX polyester fabric with added density.

3-Dimensional, both inflated with airbags and non-inflated with foam stuffing.


Inflatable Hamburger Helper Cow Windsock Where's the Beef?
It's the Hamburger Helper Cow and our Nutty Buddies love to hang around in the breeze.
When it's time for grilling, this guys hangs around and stays away from the coals.
Just inflate the body and put out by the BBQ and everyone knows how you like your steaks.
Made with SunTex the U.V. Resistant fabric, all of the colorful details really stand out and become a decorative conversation piece. Hang by the BBQ, around your home from an eve or ceiling or on your patio.
He's always ready to make a Rare appearance for friends. Requires hand pump inhalator (available separately) Steak and BBQ restaurants looking for a mascot will love this guy promoting your fine food fare. 

These beautiful 3-D shape and exhibit perfect poise on any kite line.
Easy to hook up and completely strut free, will enhance any line display on the flying field.
One of the cutest creations we have seen in a long time.
Does not fly on it’s own, it’s a kite accessory.

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