N9 Traction Kite+Bag[9M Sq][QKite][4Line]

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N9 Traction Kite+Bag[9M Sq][QKite][4Line]

Name:  N9

Origin: Hong Kong QKites

Area: 9m square

Width: 630cm 

Height: 170cm 

Weight: 1540 g 

Wind speed 1-4.5 

Fabric: 40D Imported Parachute Fabric 

Accessories: bags, manual 

Recommended Flying line tension: 2X 500lb and 2X 300lb

   N9 is a type of kite fly and jump, but also suitable for kite tricycles, scooters, and dragged other action, the area of ​​9 square, suitable for heavier weight and small-wind regions. N9 provides multi-line color 200 pounds, 300 pounds and 500 pounds Sibeikesheng (Spectra), tensile strength greater protection, different colors to distinguish each part of the first line of figures indicate, more accurately distinguish between offline and on the right hand, raised line flexibility, depending on the wind strength and weight to make the appropriate adjustment. Mainly as follows: 

1, the structure Slab thickness of the thinner, increase speed and lift; put lines and 300 pounds 200 pounds Line, hardening process, and reduce flexibility; to mention the lift lines can be adjusted according to the size of the wind, the power to make the appropriate body weight regulation. 

2, Performance Vacated and jumping, also suitable for kite tricycles, scooters, and dragged other activities. 

3, Work more scientific, artistic, simple, practical, extend product life. Sewing needle position using positioning, that is beautiful and precise; mention the word line sewing and fixed within the charter law, to increase the sensitivity kite. 

4, for the crowd For professionals and traction kite completely familiar with safety knowledge to use. 

5, for weight Vacated and jump into the action, speed and weight of choice, weight 60 kg 1.5-2.5 wind; weight 80 kg 2.5-3.5 wind; weight of 100 kg 3.5-4.5 wind.