Kirin Dragon Beauty Kite [USA ITW]

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Beautiful dragon kites make a spectacle out of a breeze. 
Flawless fliers in gentle to strong winds, our Dragon kites are inspired by traditional Chinese kite designs.

Made of nylon taffeta, they come alive in the sky, playfully swimming.

Their intricate diamond patterns run the length of the tail.

Great for beginner fliers of all ages, they’re also lively indoors, adding color to a room. 30-ft. long, they come in a 22” x 23” case.

Fiberglass frame.

6 to 25 mph winds.

Ready to Fly with 300’ of 50-lb braided polyester line on a handle.

Size: 56cm x 58cm with 914cm tail

Kite bag case height size 91cm


Skill Level:   Beginner
Ready to Fly:   with line on a handle
Min. Wind:   6 mph
Max. Wind:   25 mph
Brand:   Into The Wind
Added to site:   08/16/2010
Kites for Kids:   Light pulling kite for ages 5+

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