ITW Lime Stake Indoor Zero Wind Kite [USA Into the Wind] LAST PC

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Nary a breeze? It's time to Skate!
Those light wind days that frustrate kitefliers are the Skate's cup of tea.
A hybrid between a controllable single-line kite and a glider, it soars at the flick of a wrist. Designed for low wind conditions that leave most kites on the ground, it's a popular kite for indoor flying.
Paul de Bakker's Skate is flown by many top indoor competitors. Adding grace and elegance every place you fly, it turns kiteflying into performance art. Its nose pocket accepts one to three coins, allowing you to tune it for indoor or outdoor conditions, add weight to the nose to make it glide. Remove the coins to fly it as a kite in 0 to 6 mph winds.

Made of light-weight micro-carbon rods and 0.6-oz. ripstop polyester.
5'-4" x 4'-0". 2.8-oz. 49" case.
 Ready to fly with 100' of 50-lb.
Dyneema line on a handle. 

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