Flowform 38/KAP Pilot Lifter [38ft sq]

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Size: 1.98m x 2.75m [3.5m sq = 37.67ft sq]

Tail Size: 

Material: Ripstop Nylon Fabric

Wind Range: 2-9 Bft

Sail: Nylon 

Line: 300 to 350lb (not Included)

Age: +18 

Lifting Power

The flowform 38 is an ideal Kite Aerial photography (KAP)  is photography generated by lifting camera into the sky through use of a kite. 

Kite includes tail loops for adding a droque.

Frameless kites like Parafoils and FlowForms are nearly unbreakable, requires no assembly and offer a lot of fun. 

This large FlowForm can be used as sky anchors to lift larger line laundry or inflatable kites and need to be treated with considerable respect. They go up easy and stay up in a very wide wind range and generate considerable pull. These kites require tie-down setup and usually a walk down pully to take down the kite. 

Our Flowforms generate enormous pull. For experienced pilots only. Strict observation of mentioned age and wind range is highly recommended.

Powerful and Good performance
These astonishing power lifting kites are great for displaying flags, banners, line laundry or just making a statement! 

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