5m Leaf Ladybug+Turbine Line Laundry/Inflatable kite [Good Material]

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Colour: Green leaf with Orange bug. (Other color by preorder"Made to order")


Leaf size: 3m x 5m + Turbine windsock length: 4.2m long

Material: Ripstop Nylon Polyester (Parachute Fabric, Good material)

Includes: Kites and Kite bag Only.

Attract attention. Completely air inflated, the Giant Line laundry kites requires no sticks or assembly.

You will be amazed at their presence in the sky, as if nailed to a cloud!

Wind range 5-18mph

Line: Recommended 500 lb. to 1000 lb. Test Line

Recommendation: Parafoil / Lifter / Sled kite is needed to fly this kites. 

This Kite is to be hang on the line.  


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