3.5m Dynamic Centipede Kite [It's Crawls!] last 9pcs

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Creative dynamic caterpillar centipede carbon rod with parachute fabric

Colour Type: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink

Dynamic centipede 

Specifications: 150cm X 350cm 

Bag size: 150cm 

The rod is 8mm carbon rod, bar for multi-root (one for each foot) 3mm carbon rod 

Material:  Parachute fabric

Frame: Carbon Rod

Curve sewing machine, excellent workmanship

Kite after takeoff, the wind effect, the centipede will be fast axis rotation axis, very like the real centipede crawling, the faster the climb, the faster speed. 


Installation Methods: three 8mm carbon rods connected, insert the tail from the kite, kite has been inserted into the head.

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