3.4m Snake Wheel - BITE Line Laundry Kite [Germany CIM]

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Product Details

Dimensions: Diameter 340cm

Includes Mega Ball Bearing Swivel 150daN

Sail: Tear-resistant ripstop polyester nylon sail (Parachute Fabrics)

Wind range: 2 to 6 Bft

Suitable from 14 years

Product Description

The Snake Wheel - Bite is a jewelry line for locate attractive dragon. The Snake Wheel - Bite is a so-called weavers serpent, which consists of 60 squares lined up and a snake's head, which bites its own tail. Once in motion constantly changes the shape of the Snake Wheel - Bite. A matching Mega Ball Bearing Swivel, through which an easier turning of the Wheel Snake - is made possible Bite is included.


The snake body of the Snake Wheel - Bite consists of alternating black and white squares sewn together. A red head with eyes completes the picture of the snake that bites its own tail.



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