20m Sq Pilot Lifter Luminous Green (4m x 5m)

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Pilot Tuning guide at (http://www.peterlynnhimself.com/Pilot_Tuning.php)

Need some help at kite festivals?
You can attach these to most of our large kites and it will keep out of trouble all day.

They are made in Ripston nylon (Good Quality) and are extremely good flyers.

Since we have had these on our large kites at festivals the damage to our kites has been negligible.

Also great for for lifting any objects that do not have great lifting area in lighter winds e.g. camera, KAP gear etcWe can build one for you in the following sizes.

Product Details

Dimensions: 400cm x 500cm (20m square area)

Recommended kite line at least (1000LB - 1500LB)

Sail: Good Quality Parachute Fabrics (Ripstop Nylon)

Wind range: 2 to 4 Bft

Product Description

The lifter is the lift of choice for all turbines, line laundry and wandless line laundry kites, requiring a large lift is not big enough! With its eight square meters of sail developed the lifter enough traction to lift to largest turbines even in lighter winds in the air.


The design of the lifter is simple.
Its has four air chambers

Flight characteristics

The lifter is designed for use in light and medium winds and builds up enough tension to lift slightly large wandless dragon, line laundry and wind turbines.


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