2.5m PC31 Temptation Trick Stunt [3Wind]

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Name: Temptation

Brand: Three wind

Specifications: 245 * 96cm weight 298 grams

To adapt to wind level: 1-5


Icarexpc31 + mylar,

Side tube: 5PT + P300,

Vertical Tube: P300,

Lower Spreader tube: Black Diamond NITRO,

Upper spreader tube: 5mm carbon tube.

APA joint,

FSD duckbill.

Packaging: Deluxe Bag


Carbon fiber roll bars, this bar is characterized by light weight with toughness, the port with built-in reinforcement method, it is necessary to abandon the original wound line but also on the thermal control approach, to the effect that is beautiful and strong , reached the international advanced level. Myra clear lines of imported fabric stretched easily deformed. adjustable professional risers, according to personal flying habits and wind adjustments.

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