2.0M Madness Stunt [Loud][3Wind]

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This Stunt kites really loudly to attract attention,

Features: sound audio, fast, powerful!

To adapt to wind:2-6

Origin: Three wind

Specifications: 2m wingspan


Taiwan nylon fabric, 6mm thread under the roll bar rod + 5 PT Rod


Softcover with flying tool bag


Three wind "Comprehensive several years experience in kite-making and sales, for beginners, has developed a" low-cost, high performance, "the true meaning of the entry stunt kites, with good handling - the flight smooth, clear and accurate line , to complete a simple rolling action, but is also equipped with voice shook like most beginners, durable

Recommend to use: Dual 150LB Dyneema Line X 30M for better control and reaction

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