120LB KEVLAR® Line No.3 [800M][3Ply Twisted] anti-cut / heat resistance flying kite lines

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800m 120lb DuPont-Kevlar Line(3 Ply, Twisted)  

100% Original + Good Quality Type!

Length of Kevlar No.3 is 1gram is 2.85Meter 

(LB is strength measurement of line)

Abrasion & Cut Resistance, Cut resistant and heat resistant Kevlar

Prevent your line from getting cut by Wax line due to heat friction.

Make your flying experience more fun.

For Kites width from 2meter to 3meter

Fake Kevlar in SG Market? 
We’ve done research on it & decided to Share this Photo for awareness. [Photo at Facebook]
PassionKites are Proud to say that we are selling the 100% GOOD Quality Kevlar line.
We’re Selling it at very low price as we purchase in bulk. 

Qns: How to check for 300lb or 350lb or 500lb?
Ans: 300LB is 6 Ply, 350lb and 500lb is 8 Ply.
For 350lb & 500lb: Check the thickness of the Kevlar line! there is a different! 1.2mm & 1.5mm :) 

Let's PassionKites introduces What's is Kevlar Line Number?

Kevlar Line 500LB,  8 Ply, 1.5mm (7-8m sq)

Kevlar Line 350LB,  8 Ply, 1.2mm (5-7m sq)

Kevlar Line No.1,  6 Ply,  300lb 1.2mm(5-6m sq)

Kevlar Line No.2,  4 Ply,  160lb 1mm (3-5m sq)(1m = 1.85g)

Kevlar Line No.3,  3 Ply,  120lb 0.8mm(1-3m sq)(1m = 2.85g)

Kevlar Line No.5,  2 Ply,  85lb

Kevlar Line No.6,  2 Ply,  65lb

Kevlar Line No.8,  3 Ply,  60lb

Kevlar Line No.12, 2 Ply,  40lb


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