1.8m Direct Rainbow Stunt [Beginner]

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Width: 180cm Height: 92cm

Weight: 290g

Material: 40D nylon fabric of the Aberdeen

Rod frame: 6mm fiberglass

Includes: fly line (line 35 meters x2 30M line with handle, bags, manual

Packing: bag packaging, packaging is only 0.8 meters long, it is easy to carry.

Suitable for wind: 1.5-4.5

Features: Learn Stunt kites start from the straight color, color is a direct extension-type models, bottom price and beginners kite, line colors, 6mm hollow glass fiber tube, provide adjustable wind line, light packaging, sound shock, bottom Elastic tire flying lines imported Wong, superior performance can lead you off from the basic level to the most advanced special effects to enhance the level of ... ...

The best choice for beginners ... ...

stunt kite community multi-directional received and is currently developed its upgraded version, the original straight color based on our direct color 2 for the deeper well-designed and improved, straight lines with color, hair Sound area increases, the end of fly line and the elastic-lun excellent tire performance can lead you into the basic take-off, turning in circles, horoscopes, right angle, landing ...

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